About Us

Our company was established in 1982 in Beyazıt. Our adventure, which started with modest but big dreams, continues today with exports to more than 20 countries in our technological Leather and Fur Suede factory with a closed area of 10.000 m² in Uşak. In our tannery, lamb, sheep and metis skins are processed with care and high quality in the hands of our experienced staff.

By closely following fashion, we enrich our product range and develop products that shape our industry. In this way, we are proud to be included in the collections of many brands. Our expert R&D team develops the products requested by the customers in a fast and high quality manner and offers them to the customers. We meet with our customers every year to promote the products of the season at national and international fairs.

Our factory is Europe's first LWG (Leather Working Group) Gold Certified Leather and Fur Suede production in a single facility. All raw hides that come to our factory for processing are selected one by one by our expert team, and in this way, the standard of the product to be produced from the first stage is raised by making a selection suitable for both leather and fur suede. Leathers that come to life with the conscious touches of master hands at every subsequent production stage; It takes its place in our daily lives by being shaped in the garment, shoe and saddlery sectors.